Pre-Travel Advice

Pre-Travel Medical Support

Whether you’re preparing to travel abroad with the family,  have concerns about visiting a faraway region or are planning a trip around the world, your travel preparations are crucial.  That’s why our dedicated team delivers scientifically sound advice, vaccinations and information tailored to each country on your itinerary.  So you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected from malaria, yellow fever and a host of other potential risks.



17.58 CHF / 5 Minutes
plus the cost of any necessary vaccines
Avg. Consultation: 20 Minutes


Pre-Travel Advice: What you need to know

Our dedicated travel medical specialists offer pre-travel consultations tailored to your individual travel plan.  During our pre-travel consultation we will:


  • Assess your individual risk
  • identify any health concerns
  • Provide advice to mitigate risk
  • Answer your questions
  • administer vaccinations and medication (If necessary)

The most common vaccinations and medicines, especially for Africa, Asia, and South America, include malaria prophylaxis and yellow fever vaccinations.


Preparing for your appointment

Note about group size:

The appointment time varies based on group size (the larger the group, the longer the appointment will be).  If you book the wrong appointment type for your group (ie if you are a family of four and book an appointment for a single person) then we will have to reschedule your appointment.


When to book: 

We recommend booking your consultation 6-8 weeks before your planned travel.


What to bring:

  • Your Swiss health insurance card,
  • travel details,
  • allergy and/or medication list
  • and all of your vaccination booklets.


Travel-related vaccinations and diseases

Do you have any questions or would you like to book an appointment?

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