What is cholera?

Cholera is a severe diarrheal disease caused by the cholera bacterium (Vibrio cholerae). Transmission occurs mainly through contaminated water and food. Cholera is fatal if not treated right away. Though often presenting without symptoms, extreme diarrhea and vomiting may occur. Rarely, shock and seizures may occur in severe cases.

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In which countries does cholera occur?

Epidemics occur in unsanitary conditions and therefore in countries experiencing humanitarian crises. In recent years, there have been small and isolated outbreaks in various countries in Africa and Asia.

When and how often should I be vaccinated against cholera?

Vaccination is only recommended when traveling to countries with current outbreaks and even then only in certain situations (e.g. if you are providing humanitarian aid during a crisis). The recommendation for vaccination is highly dependent on your own local activities, so it is worth consulting with us or another specialist. The vaccination is a so-called oral vaccination and is taken twice with an interval of 7 days.

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What else should I know about the cholera vaccine?

  • In the late 19th century, John Snow discovered that cholera is transmitted via water in first ever spatial epidemiological analysis.

  • The cholera vaccine is a dead vaccine and contains the inactivated bacterium as well as inactivated cholera toxins, against which antibodies are formed.

  • The cholera vaccine was the first laboratory-produced vaccine to be widely used.

  • For more information on cholera, please visit the FOPH website, HealthyTravel or ECDC.

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