What is rubella?

Rubella is caused by the rubella virus and is usually a rather harmless disease with a measles-like skin rash with fever and mild flu-like symptoms. However, the disease can be especially dangerous for unborn children as well as infants. It can lead to termination of pregnancy,  miscarriage or encephalitis in the infant.


When and how often should I be vaccinated against rubella?

In Switzerland, the vaccine is part of the standard vaccination schedule and is given together with the measles vaccine at 9 and 12 months of age. If one has not yet been vaccinated, this should be made up with 2 doses with a minimum interval of 1 month, even for adults.

37-96 CHF per dose

plus consultation and injection fee


What else should I know about the rubella vaccine?

  • Before or at the latest during each pregnancy, it is important to check whether one has been vaccinated against rubella. If not, the vaccine should be administered before one becomes pregnant. Since the rubella vaccination cannot be administered during pregnancy, it is advisable to check your vaccination status beforehand. The same applies for the varicella, chickenpox, vaccine.

  • In Switzerland, the rubella vaccination can only be given in combination with measles and mumps.

  • Further information on rubella can be found on the website of the FOPH.

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