Our Prices

In 2022, we sent our invoices directly to the health insurances of our customers. However, our services are generally not covered by basic insurance, which meant a lot of effort spent communicating with the health insurers – for both our customers and ourselves! Unfortunately, this effort is not in proportion to the benefit, which is why we will no longer offer this billing method in the future.


Transparency is one of our most important principles. Since we no longer bill directly via the complex Tarmed system, we can quote the prices for our services simply and transparently as package prices.

The price list for our services and vaccinations can be found below.


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Payment Methods


On March 24th we will start our “Selbstzahler system”. With this system, one can now pay directly at the time of your visit with Twint or debit or credit card (we accept all major credit cards except American Express). If you are a Swiss resident, we also offer the possibility to pay by invoice.


Reclaim Vouchers (Rückforderungsbeleg)

At the time of your visit, we will provide you with a reclaim voucher, which you can submit to your supplemental or basic insurance.


In Switzerland, basic health insurance usually reimburses the FOPH recommended routine vaccinations as well as some other vaccinations for people with increased risk of exposure or complications (if the deductible / franchise is already used). It has been our experience that the larger health insurance companies such as Helsana or Sanitas are more willing to accept our bills.


We cannot say with certainty whether or not your insurance will cover a vaccination for you. Please clarify this directly with your health insurance.


Our Medication and Product Prices

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