The Flu

What is the flu?

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an annually recurring illness during the cold seasons, which is caused by influenza viruses. The disease is easily transmitted through droplets (e.g., coughing, sneezing, talking) and direct contact. Symptoms include high fever, cough, headache and aching limbs. Influenza should not be confused with the common cold because the latter, unlike influenza, is usually mild and can be caused by a variety of other pathogens.


When and how often should I be vaccinated against the flu?

Flu vaccination is recommended for people who are at increased risk for sever disease. This includes people 65 years of age and older, pregnant women, premature infants up to 2 years of age, and people with chronic medical conditions. In addition, those who have regular contact with at-risk individuals, including close family members, infant caregivers, and health care professionals, should also be vaccinated. If recommended, influenza vaccination should be given annually, each fall.


This year, we expect the flu vaccine to be delivered in calendar week 41.


37 CHF in total

What should I know about the flu vaccine?

  • Each year, the flu wave is caused by a different type of influenza. Therefore, it is necessary to predict which type of influenza will circulate in our country in the coming winter. Accordingly, the vaccines for the winter are developed. The prediction is made on the basis of observational data from other countries and continents. In winter, the pathogens that were previously active in other continents often appear in our country. Usually up to 4 different types are covered by one vaccine to have the best possible protection against the flu. 

  • The flu vaccine does not completely protect against influenza, but can prevent it in 20-80% of cases, depending on the season. Even if you still get the flu, it is usually milder than without vaccination.

  • For more information about the flu vaccine, please visit the website of the FOPH.

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