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Routine vaccinations and consultation, without travel

By vaccinating yourself against infectious diseases, you can protect both yourself and those around you. Before each birthday, a new job in the medical field, or if it has just been a while, there’s one essential question to ask yourself: are my vaccinations up to date? 

Fortunately, as part of our routine vaccination consultation, we can do a full assessment of your records and compare your vaccination status with the vaccination recommendations in Switzerland. For patients without vaccination records, we can use the latest antibody testing to determine how well your body is protected.







Why are routine vaccinations important?

Routine vaccinations are those recommend by the Federal Office of Public Health Vaccination Plan. Sometimes boosters are recommended for standard vaccinations to ensure that you have enough protection. As an example, diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough are most effective when refreshed at ages 25 and 45, as well as every 10 years after the age of 65. Our providers can advise you as to whether or not this is necessary.



Our typical routine vaccination check appointment lasts on average 10 minutes , for which we charge a fee of 40 CHF. If a vaccination is necessary, the price of the vaccine and a one-time injection fee of 9 CHF will be added.


Occasionally, an appointment may take longer than 10 minutes. For a significantly longer routine vaccination check appointment, we charge a fee of 60 CHF.


Please note: Consultations and prescriptions for persons not present can ONLY be carried out for children up below the age of 12.



Additional costs

We can use the latest antibody tests to determine how well your body is protected against certain diseases. For this we charge 12 CHF for the blood collection and 25 CHF for the interpretation of the laboratory results and recommendations.

The analysis itself will be invoiced to you directly by our partner laboratory.


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Preparing for your appointment

Note about group size:

The appointment time varies based on group size (the larger the group, the longer the appointment will be). If you book the wrong appointment type for your group (ie if you are a family of four and book an appointment for a single person) then we will have to reschedule your appointment. 


When to book: 

As needed.


What to bring:

  • Your Swiss health insurance card,
  • allergy list,
  • and your Swiss vaccination booklet.


Routine vaccines

Do you have any questions or would you like to book an appointment?

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