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Our team, specialised in travel medicine issues, is knowledgeable about vaccinations, location-specific risks and various diseases and is committed to your safety. From administering mandatory vaccines to a full vaccination booklet check, we take great care to ensure your well-being. These services are especially important for those with underlying ilnesses or long medical histories. Whether you’re volunteering on a missionary trip, working in a refugee camp or climbing a high mountain peak, our professionals are there for you.

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We use exclusively the most current travel information, ensuring that you are informed of new policies, regional epidemics, government regulations, vaccination and medication recommendations and beyond.

Our Prices

Swiss health insurance usually cover the recommended standard vaccinations, some special vaccinations and the vaccinations for some people with an increased risk of exposure or complications (provided the deductible has already been reached).

We cannot tell you whether or not your insurance will cover a vaccination for you. Please clarify this with your health insurance before your appointment with us.

If you have a Swiss health insurance, we will send an invoice directly to your insurance for clarification (relevant for all except Assura). Depending on the service and your insurance, not all of our services may be covered. Your health insurance company will send you a bill for anything it will not cover. 

If you are self-payer and/or not insured by a Swiss health insurance, you must pay for your service at the time of your visit. We accept cash, Twint and all major debit and credit cards (except American Express).

Medical support before your trip
Routine vaccinations and consultations, without travel
HPV, Flu and TBE shots
2nd and 3rd vaccination doses
Smallpox and monkeypox
Vaccinations and tests
Malaria tablets, mosquito protection, and much more!

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