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Meet Wilma

Wilma, an adventurous hippopotamus, takes you on her travels in our brand new YouTube series in which she shares important tips and tricks. These videos will only be a few minutes long but will contain all of the relevant information you need on each individual topic.


In an effort to make our travel consultations as concise and individual as possible, we will now send our customers these videos by email before their travel consultation at our clinic.


This will allow us to focus less time on these topics (which affect almost every single traveler) in the face-to-face consultation and spend more time with you on your personal risks for your trip.



Episode 1

Wilma tells us how to manage and prevent traveler's diarrhea.




Episode 2

Wilma tells us how to prevent rabies.


Episode 3

Wilma tells us how we can best protect ourselves from mosquito and insect bites and the diseases they transmit.