What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is transmitted by the monkeypox virus, which is closely related to the smallpox virus. The first documented human case occurred in 1970, and in subsequent years, cases occurred in Central and West Africa. In 2022, there was an unusual increase in cases outside of Africa with cases unrelated to travel to Africa. Transmission occurs via direct contact or droplets.


Monkeypox is manifested by the appearance of skin lesions that resemble a milder form of smallpox. In addition, fever, headache, muscle aches and other symptoms may occur. The disease lasts about 2-4 weeks and can be severe in rare cases.


The Zurich Reference Vaccination Center (EBPI) as well as the Zurich Checkpoint are conducting monkeypox vaccinations.


 The following link will take you to the common registration tool to book monkeypox appointments for us or Checkpoint.


We are offering monkeypox vaccination dates in June on the following dates:

  • 20.06.23 from 15:00 pm - 19:00 pm


July: every Wednesday from 8:30 am - 17:00 pm


The vaccine is available in very limited quantities at the beginning and appointments may fill up quickly. If you are unable to find an appointment at the vaccination centers, please be patient. We will continually post new appointments as more vaccine supplies are announced.


At-risk groups who can currently register for the monkeypox vaccines include:


  • Men (cis or trans) who have sex with men with frequently changing sexual partners
  • Persons who are exposed to monkeypox for occupational reasons
  • Contacts of people who have monkeypox
  • If you are a contact person of persons with monkeypox, please make an appointment at Checkpoint Zurich.

Please note:

  • Here you will also find the information sheets in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Please take a moment to read this important information about the vaccine and its "No Label Use" in Switzerland. Prior to vaccination, you will be required to sign a "No Label Declaration" consent form, as the vaccine is not yet licensed in Switzerland. Only after the consent form has been signed can the vaccination can be performed.

  • If you have symptoms consistent with monkeypox infection -> Vaccination should be postponed until you have fully recovered (as long as no monkeypox infection has been diagnosed). Appointments may be changed or cancelled as needed.

  • If you have been previously vaccinated against smallpox, please bring your vaccination card or written confirmation of vaccination.

In which countries does monkeypox occur?

Before 2022, monkeypox occurred mainly in West and Central Africa. Since 2022, the disease has spread to many industrialized countries worldwide, inculding Switzerland. The FOPH has assesed the risk of infection for the general population to be low (as of Oktober 2022).

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